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Performance Coach BHSI

A Performance Coach BHSI certificate endorses you as an ambassador for the BHS at home and overseas, showing commitment to the continued development and leading standards of equitation and coaching with the welfare of the horse central to your coaching philosophy. You will be skilled in coaching riders and training horses to a competitive standard. 

  • Last reviewed: 28th June 2024
Performance Coach BHSI Performance Coach BHSI

A Performance Coach BHSI will have a broad knowledge of all aspects of business management and horse care, including maintaining horse health, care of competition horses and the breeding and management of young horses. 

Offering a natural aptitude and empathy in your riding and coaching, you will utilise your strength as a good communicator to impart knowledge with enthusiasm, clarity and impact. This career certificate will endorse you as a leading coach, who is able to train and supervise staff and students and give sound career advice around the extensive career pathways available in the industry.

Entry requirements

  • Qualifications: BHSQ Level 4 Senior Eventing Coach (Stage 4), or equivalent. If you hold other equestrian industry qualifications and/or significant industry experience, please contact the Education Team or visit our website for further guidance on our Direct Entry procedure. We would like to highlight that Direct Entry is especially encouraged for competition riders and professionals who have significant experience of working in the industry, especially working in large yards.
  • Other: BHS Accredited Professional or BHS Gold Member

Who is this qualification for?

  • Anyone who enjoys inspiring others to be their best, coaching and training our next generation of horses and riders
  • Professionals in the industry who want to endorse their skills and knowledge with an internationally recognised qualification
  • Anyone who aspires to manage a successful equestrian business or become a freelance consultant
  • Anyone who aspires to be a role model in the industry supporting clients, staff and peers
  • Anyone committed to their lifelong learning wanting to make a valuable contribution to the management and training of horses
  • Anyone looking to become a BHS Fellow


The Performance Coach BHSI qualification is awarded upon achievement of four sections:

Qualifications Guidelines

Section 1: Care and Welfare

Within this section you will demonstrate your competence and comprehensive knowledge for managing the care and welfare of horses and ponies in a range of situations.

Read more about Section 1: Care and Welfare.

Section 2: Business Management

This section covers essential knowledge and skills required of a manager to run a successful equestrian business with confidence and competence.

Read more about Section 2: Business Management.

Section 3: Training Horses (Lunge and Ride)

This section covers essential knowledge and skills required to train horses. 

Read more about Section 3: Training Horses (Lunge and Ride).

Section 4: Coaching

This section covers essential knowledge and skills required to coach.

Read more about Section 4: Coaching.

Training guidelines

• You cannot take BHSI assessments at a centre you currently work in or have worked in during the last 12 months.

• You can train at an assessment centre (at which you will sit the assessment) for up to six sessions prior to the assessment.

Book your assessment

To book your assessment, please find an upcoming assessment date near you and then contact the BHS Education team to book your place.

You can find out more information about booking your assessment here.

Re-sitting your assessment

If you have been unsuccessful on your first assessment, we encourage you to call us to book a re-sit.

Of course, we will also answer any questions you may have and provide you with feedback at this stage. You may have been successful against some, but not all of the assessment criteria, in which case we can just assess you on the sections on which you were not so strong.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, please complete our enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly. Alternatively you can call us on 02476 840508.

Career pathway:

Coaching Pathway

  • Stage 1

Complete Horsemanship

Stage 1 Complete Horsemanship provides an industry recognised foundation of practical knowledge in riding, care and stable management to progress through any career pathway.

  • Stage 2

Foundation Coach in Complete Horsemanship

BHSQ Level 2 Foundation Coach in Complete Horsemanship (Stage 2) provides a foundation in equine care and management, lungeing, riding on the flat and over fences and the initial principles of teaching and coaching.

  • Stage 3

Coach in Complete Horsemanship

BHSQ Level 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship demonstrates your ability to work in the industry as a coach.

  • Stage 4

Senior Eventing Coach

BHSQ Level 4 Senior Eventing Coach (Stage 4) celebrates your development in coaching both horses and riders in the equestrian industry with considerable knowledge of care and management, riding and coaching.