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  • Last reviewed: 15th April 2024

Are you?

  • Good with numbers and finance?
  • Thrilled by the idea of an accurate, well organised spreadsheet?
  • Confident in using computers and Excel?

Our Treasurers come from all sorts of backgrounds, from family budgeting to managing the books for a yard to high finance. We are looking for people with the time and experience to carry out their role, but knowledge of the BHS or even horses isn't necessarily essential.

You will be the steward of the committee’s finances, as well as being responsible for the day-to-day financial record keeping and reporting you will help your committee to plan and budget for the future, finding ways to use the money they raise to effectively deliver our charitable objectives locally. You will need access to a computer with internet access and the Microsoft Excel Programme. We will support you to take responsibility for keeping your committee's accounts and expenditure in line with our Financial Regulations and policies.

Interested in becoming a BHS volunteer?

If you want to join our growing volunteers community and help to make a difference to horses and equestrians in your local area, please submit an your details via our application by following the link below:

Apply here
Volunteer Image Expires April 2026