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Project 2026 Resources

We are committed to protecting and preserving the equestrian off-road network. However, there’s only so much we and our volunteers can do – we need your help!

  • Last reviewed: 17th April 2024
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Working together we can make sure that routes used by horses in the past are accurately recorded and protected so they can continue to be enjoyed by future generations of equestrians.  

To help you to help us save these routes, we’ve gathered together all the resources you’ll need to get started, beginning with our 2026 toolkit (PDF). Our toolkit will take you through a step-by-step process of everything you need to do to legally record and protect your route.  

Recording and Researching Routes

To get a head start on researching your routes, we recommend you pick up a copy of Rights of Way, Restoring the Record by Sarah Bucks and Phil Wadey, also known as the ‘green book’. This informative read includes helpful hints and time-saving tips on carrying out research. 

We’ve also put together in-depth guides on Researching a Route (PDF) and Recording a Right of Way (PDF), both of which you can print at home to help you as you set about protecting and recording your local routes. Alternatively, you can contact the Access team at or 02476 840515 to be sent a hard copy. 

Project 2026 Map

To enable volunteers to coordinate work, avoid duplication, share evidence and support one another, we have developed a mapping and research site at Using this, anyone can plot paths of interest and gather and share evidence online on a county-by -county basis. 


Part of your application for recording your routes will include documentary evidence to back up your claim that your route is an historic one that carries public rights. In addition to the evidence listed in our toolkit, there are other documents that can provide evidence to support your case: 

Your BHS Regional Access and Bridleways Officer (RABO) or County Access and Bridleways Officer (CABO) may be able to help by assessing your evidence to see if it’s sufficient and then guide you in the preparation and submission of your application.  

Get in touch

If you have completed the research but don’t want to send in the application, contact your local BHS Access Field Officer and they will help. 

Our friendly Access Team are always on hand to offer advice and guidance and can be contacted by email: or by phone: 02476 840515