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Equestrian Access Groups

The BHS has around 70 affiliated equestrian access groups who work across the UK to defend, extend, improve and promote safe, easily accessible off-road riding for everyone. 

  • Last reviewed: 25th March 2024
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The BHS affiliated Equestrian Access Groups help to uphold our values and promote equestrian access at a grass-roots level, monitoring local equestrian rights of way and working alongside local authorities and other groups. They are a fun, sociable way of getting groups of equestrians together. 

In return we actively support our BHS affiliates in helping them achieve their aims through training, free advice, fundraising support, representation and promotion, as well as gathering everyone together to celebrate our annual UK wide Ride Out UK campaign.

Benefits of affiliation

Affiliating to the BHS has many benefits for large or small groups alike.  

Insurance (for Premium Package affiliation only)

When you affiliate with the Premium Package, your group will automatically receive public liability insurance with an indemnity limit of £30,000,000, arranged via South Essex Insurance Brokers Ltd (SEIB). The policy will provide cover for equestrian activities that are arranged by your group.

Digital EAG resource pack

This pack is full of helpful advice and tips to help your group achieve all that it aims to do.

Ride Out funding

Affiliates are eligible to apply to the Ride Out Fund for local projects. 

Online knowledge base

Exclusive access to our online riding out knowledge base is available to affiliates at – you will need to contact the team for a login. 

Discounted BHS membership

We are pleased to be able to offer a 30% discount on the first year of British Horse Society membership for anyone who is a part of your group. 

Free communications

You and all of your members can receive Access Update, a monthly email packed full of everything you need to know about what the BHS is doing for equestrian access. To receive this, you and your members will need to subscribe by contacting, stating in the email that you are happy to receive these emails from us.

Discounted training

Throughout the year we organise many regional training days. These are designed to teach you about the laws surrounding your rights to ride and carriage drive. These training days cost £5 for members of equestrian access groups, £10 for the public. There are three levels of training that can be taken:  

  • Level One: Basic Highway Law and Local Plans  
  • Level Two: User Evidence, Documentary Evidence, Definitive Maps and Wider Access  
  • Level Three: Advanced Highway Law. Open to all, though it is designed as a continuation of Level Two  

Additional specialist days such as commons and public inquiry training can be arranged on demand. 

Support, technical and legal assistance

Assistance is available both nationally from HQ and from your local BHS.

Template resources

These useful resources range from booking forms to posters. 

Promotion of your group

Affiliates are listed on – which is a great opportunity for your stories to be shared. 

Digital BHS EAG logo

The logo is for use on your website and social media. 

How to affiliate

To cater for groups of all sizes, we have two affiliation packages to choose from, starting at just £52 for the year. If you are interested in affiliating your equestrian access group with The British Horse Society, please email to request the affiliation form

Find your local Equestrian Access Group

We have over 70 affiliated equestrian access groups working across the UK. Discover what's going on near you.

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