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Appeals (Step 3)

  • Last reviewed: 22nd February 2023

If you are unhappy with the outcome of a Step Two process, you may decide to appeal. There must be appropriate grounds for your appeal. This may be that there is further evidence to consider, that we have not followed our published policies or processes or that we have come to a decision that is not consistent or appropriate to the concern raised.

Please note that BHS Education Assessments Appeals may be excluded from this process as they are managed separately, for regulatory purposes. You will be advised accordingly at the point that you submit your Appeal.

Step Three is the final step in resolving issues and all Appeals must be submitted within 10 working days of the outcome of the Step Two formal complaint having been sent to you. We’ll then appoint a review panel to manage your Appeal. The Review Panel will:

  • Review the complaint
  • Ensure processes and procedures have been fairly and consistently applied
  • Make sure that any decisions reached are fair, proportionate, and impartial

Where additional evidence or documentation is available or required, we will discuss this with you directly.

The Review Panel aims for an outcome to be reached within 30 working days of an appeal being submitted. You’ll be informed by the panel within 48 hours of them reaching an outcome.

The complaint will then be closed  by the BHS. Without further substantial and objective evidence, there will be no further investigation.